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Corel Painter IX Master Artists´ Hopper
Corel Painter IX Master Artists´ Hopper

You´ll: learn how to use the Quick Clone, the Perspective grid and how to print a reference copy with the perspective grid on. You´ll also learn to understand the basics for the additive and the subtractive colour system, how to use the Mixer pad and sampling colours from a reference image. You´ll learn to master different layers and to how to use the Composite Method setting in the Layers palette. And of course, you´ll get many new ideas from sketching and painting this wonderful modern masterpiece, by Edward Hopper, from scratch.

Don´t be intimidated by all this - anybody can do it, just takes a little patience and, above all, passion for painting!!

Included in the Full version of this tutorial is a 19 pages Pdf-file in both high and medium resolution, all the original Painter Riff-files that show you each different stage of the painting and all layers are editable. Also, the Mixer palettes´ files, for grass and bushes, are included. All downloadable after purchase.

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Price: US$14.95

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